investigating how international law and local law interact

Institutions like Amity Law School  and Symbiosis Law School Noida have been instrumental in influencing the future of aspiring attorneys in the field of legal education in India. Understanding the complex interplay between international law and local law is one key component of legal education that students at these institutions go into. We shall examine the dynamics of this relationship in this essay, illuminating the critical interaction between these two areas of law.

Knowledge of international law:

The conduct of nations, international organizations, and private individuals on the world stage is governed by the complex and multidimensional field of international law. It covers a wide range of topics, including environmental protection and human rights, but its main focus is on controlling international relations. Treaties, societal norms, and principles accepted by all nations serve as the foundation of international law, which has legal force and binding effect on all governments.

The function of local law

On the other hand, municipal law refers to the laws and rules that are exclusive to a given nation or state. It is also referred to as national law or domestic law. Individual countries enact municipal laws to control how their citizens and other entities behave within their borders. The distinct cultural, historical, and political circumstances of each country are reflected in these laws, which might differ dramatically from one country to the next.

The Relationship between Municipal and International Law:

  • International Law at Symbiosis Law School in Noida:

When it comes to educating aspiring attorneys about the significance of international law, Symbiosis Law School Noida has been at the forefront. The institution highlights how important it is to comprehend how local law and relationship between international law interact. Students are taught that domestic legal systems can be significantly impacted by international treaties and accords. For instance, when a nation joins an international human rights agreement, it might need to change its domestic legislation to comply with the agreement’s rules.

  • The International Relations Concentration at Amity Law School

Amity Law School is aware of how closely related international law and relations are. Students are encouraged by the school to investigate how the dynamics of international diplomacy influence the creation of both international and local legislation. In case studies where there have been inconsistencies between international commitments and domestic law, Amity’s curriculum emphasizes the necessity for harmonization.

  • Notes on Public International Law as a Learning Aid:

To understand the subtleties of this complex subject, students at both universities frequently turn to thorough notes on public international law notes. These notes are useful resources that shed light on how international legal norms affect local legal systems. They aid students in bridging the gap between theory and reality by providing them with instances of how domestic concerns are impacted by international law in the real world.


In conclusion, it is crucial for academics and legal professionals to thoroughly understand the complex link between municipal law and international law. Students are given the knowledge and skills necessary to negotiate this intricate interplay by organizations like Amity Law School and symbiosis law school Noida. In a globalized world where legal issues frequently cross international borders, it is essential for future legal practitioners to grasp how local and international laws interact. Lawyers can more effectively represent their clients and help create an international legal system that is just and harmonious if they are aware of this connection.

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