Elevate Your Pizza Experience with Gozney Arc Introduced by BBQs 2uBBQs 2u!

Over the years, BBQs 2u has been serving delicious pizzas and grilled foods to its customers in the UK. This family-based business has always been passionate about such foods.

These days, BBQs 2u represents several world-class pizza oven makers and is selling in the UK. Therefore, food lovers in the UK can cook their favourite food in their home kitchen or at any party outside.

BBQs 2u is now introducing another most advanced compact pizza oven of the world – the Gozney Arc.

The following are a few important features of this new product.

  • New lateral gas burner
  • Spacious inside, compact outside
  • Unbeatable heat retention
  • Quick start gas flame
  • Precision temperature controls and gauge
  • Create pizza after every 60 seconds
  • Easily hit 950ºF/500ºC
  • Professional grade construction
  • Can cook 14” (Arc) or 16” (Arc XL) pizza

With the Gozney Arc, you can have restaurant-quality pizza in your garden. It is a little but powerful device.

The cutting-edge features of this oven guarantee a flawless pizza-making experience, regardless of your level of culinary skill.

The core of the Arc’s performance is its lateral side burner, which revolutionizes heat distribution and control.

This special burner spreads evenly across the domed ceiling to mimic the flame of a wood-fired oven.

Together with a 20 mm thick cordierite stone floor, expert insulation ensures consistently cooked pizzas every time.

More room equals more pizza, and the Arc’s large 14.8″ x 18.1″ stone oven floor delivers just that. Additionally, the big mouth makes handling pizzas a breeze.

The Arc is a plug-and-play device that has an easy-to-use flame management system. It can achieve temperatures as high as 950°F, which means you can bake pizzas in as little as 60 seconds.

Not only that, but the Arc has a cutting-edge integrated digital thermometer. It lets you know when the stone floor gets just the right amount of heat for your preferred pizza type—New York or Neapolitan, for example.

A sleek design for any space

The Gozney Arc blends a roomy inside with a small exterior to make it look great in any outdoor setting. Its design is based on the highly regarded and long-lasting Dome oven, which has won numerous awards.

Pro-grade materials, a painted shell at high temperatures, and a distinctive shape are all shared by the Arc and the Dome. It is long-lasting, UV stable, and resistant to water.

Another model from Gozney

Gozney, the manufacturer of the greatest pizza ovens for consumers, is expanding its lineup with the Gozney Arc XL, an inexpensive at-home oven.

With the help of innovative lateral side burners and high insulation, this gas-fired, stone-floor oven can provide uniform heat up to 950°F/500°C throughout the cooking area, making it simple to prepare delicious pizza at home.

Although they have the same puck form as the well-liked Gozney Dome, the new Arc and Arc XL weigh less than their more costly siblings at just 47 pounds (21.5 kg) and 58 pounds (26.5 kg), respectively, as opposed to the 128 pounds (58 kg) and 105 pounds (48 kg) Dome and Dome S1.

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